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Do you want more business?

Professional Business or Commercial Photography is now more important than ever.

Whether you own a Guest House, Bed and Breakfast, supply a service or sell a product.

Great looking images will always get more attention.

Your business and hard work deserve the best. 

I am a full-time commercial photographer in the Garden Route, and an

entrepreneur for 20 years, and photographer for the past 10 years.

Trust me to help you create eye catching professional images for your business. 

Yes, you may have a ‘smart phone’ that takes pretty smart photos. But it has its limitations. If you have the budget to hire me for everything, that’s great and I won’t mind because this is how I earn my living. But for those with a limited budget, I want to help you, so you only need me for the photos you cannot do with your own camera or smart phone.

Planning, styling and staging-for-pictures are very important. There are loads of information on the hosting websites about the finer details, like the decor and what type of visitors you want to attract. Because this can be personal to some people, I do not get involved in the styling, but will advise on the staging when requested, or if I see something distracting in a scene.

 I have learned to keep it simple.  Don’t  jam pack your pictures full of amenities. That will make the room look cramped and may distract the viewer’s attention. If you don’t offer certain things or you will be removing certain items from the pictures to ‘keep safe’, then don’t show them in the photographs. Most people will visually remember more than what they see as compared to what was written in the description.

These are some of the photos where you need me, where your smart phone or camera may come up short: ( Sit voorbeelde van fotos by. Foon vs kit lens vs wide angle )

Besides years of experience, framing the scene correctly, knowing a thing or two about marketing, here are some factors why you might need me.

_1_ The right lens for the job........ Most DSLR consumer cameras come with a kit lens, most of the time an 18-55mm. Most smart phone cameras lens will be equivalent to ---mm.  Without getting too technical here, it just means you are losing some of the image, especially if you are in a small space. You get super wide angle and then even wider, known as a fish-eye lens. Lastly mentioned causes extreme distortion, meaning straight lines may appear bulged. I use a 10-20mm super wide angle lens, that include as much of the room as possible without distortion. For detailed or lifestyle shots I often use a different lens to isolate the subject, rather than to include the whole background.

_2_ Multiple exposures........ Our eyes are engineered far superior than any camera. That is why it is difficult to create a photo exactly as we see it in reality. Our eyes can differentiate between light and dark so fast we hardly realize it. Blending differently exposed photos in photo editing software is a timely process. Some of my final images may contain as many as 10 different photos, including a ‘window pop’ that will be explained next.

_3_ Flash! And what is known as a window pop...... The transition from bright to dark around a window can be extreme. This is where an off camera flash comes in. Because most rooms are taken from a corner, it will mostly be at an angle to a window. A flash on the camera may throw unsightly shadows. So you need a flash you can move around, and powerful enough to light up the whole window or slide door area with the same intensity than the sunny outside. Even here you may need more than one image as you may be stuck in a corner where glare from the flash in the window is unavoidable.