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Welcome to my blog for some interesting information and the latest shoots.

NO, I am not a writer, so I am sure the literary gurus will find lots of mistakes.

Luckily, I am hired for my photography, and not my writing skills. 


I look at social media and all the shit that's going on in the world, and I wonder where all of this is going to end.


Most people fear change, I embrace it most of the time. BUT! Not all change is good. 


When I see all the new social media apps, and the way people interact, and what they post... I sometimes just sit and wonder "what the hell?". I learn from the marketing gurus, you have to upate posts and blogs and use this app and that app... I don't have time for this shit, and I don't want to.


I have to find better ways to improve marketing! But how? If you are not constantly on facebook or any other app, your profile just fade away. I have spent a small fortune on advertising, some work, some don't, but it's not enough. 


There is a limit on what I will spend on marketing, and that limit has nothing to do with money. 


So? If I don't post a weekly blog, or 3 times a day on facebook, It does not mean I gave up, or that I am gone. I would rather have a chat face to face, because I believe in quality service. I am not a "wholesale" thousand photos for cheap photographer. 


Enough of this, see ya!