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360 Degree photography is a panoramic photo that go all around.

It is what virtual tours are made of.

Reduce the risk of covid by letting people see your business of property for sale

online in a way that ordinary photography cannot.


I use a special camera with 2x fish-eye lenses, that automacically create a spherical image.

Single images are easy to share on facebook, but the virtual tours need special software.

Matterport is very well known for this, but in order to make this service more affordable, I use very well designed platforms that is very good but not very expensive. But, nothing is free, and there are some limitations, as these files are very large. Facebook reduce file size thus also photo quality. The higher quality on some platforms, may load a little bit slower. 


Feel free to browse, and see hou I can help you improve your business marketing.

This service is also very usefull for builders, contractors or anyone that cannot physically be at a certain place.


To see what a single 360 image look like on Facebook, click on this picture or the link

To see a sample of a virtual tour,

click on this picture or the link

<iframe id="/tours/uBDa56lsS" allow="camera;microphone;vr;accelerometer;gyroscope;fullscreen" allowfullscreen frameborder="0" width="100%" height="500" src=""></iframe>